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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 23, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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it's tuesday, september 23rd, welcome tow "way too early." the team normally gets me going in the morning. i run through it. it works out every day. i highly recommend that. it does not work for the kids. we'll show you the video later in the cooler. we start with thebreaking news overnight in syria. the u.s. is beginning a new phase in the assault on islamic militants. the u.s. and five arab allies launched their first airstrikes against isis in syria. they include a mix of tomahawk missiles and fighter aircraft. this video where large explosions can be seen from a distance appears to show the aftermath of one of the first strikes. nbc news has not yet been able to verify its authenticity. . here's what else we know at this hour. officials say 50 airstrikes have hit islamic state targets. many in the self-declared capital.
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20 members were killed. some targeted the front. nbc news has learn ed the focus of the operation includes isis headquarters, command centers, training sites and weapons facilities. isis is vowing to retaliate and blaming saudi arabia for allowing those attacks to occur. syria's foreign ministry says the united states told its ambassador to the u.n. that military action was eminent. president obama arrives later today for the general assembly. he's expected to use his speech tomorrow to urge other countries to support his plans to to defeat isis. up to 500 iraqi soldiers are missing and believed to be dead after an attack by isis at an army base in western iraq. we turn to news at home concerning the nfl. the owner of the baltimore ravens issued a sturn blunt offense of his team's handling of the incident. he says it's pretty humbling when your integrity is questioning. it follows a sport by espn that said his team intentionally misled and tried to cover up
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what happened in atlantic city in that ka e see know elevator on february 15th. yesterday the team released a seven-page letter breaking down the accusations. after that document's release, he spoke directly to reporters while placing the blame squarely on ray rice's camp. >> the majority of the sources are people that work for ray. almost everything in there is anonymous, but it's clear from the subject matter that it's ray's attorney, it's ray's agent and it's ray's friends. and they are building a case for reinstatement. the best way to build a case with reinstatement is to make everybody else look like they are lying. >> i am thoroughly aware of what the league expects the team to do in instances like this and
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the people in my organization did their jobs. their jobs as they are defined and expected to be met by the league. so nobody is losing a job here. >> i can't lead, we can't lead an investigation and be stepping on the prosecutor's shoes and the nfl. we can't do it. >> so among the unanswered questions, why couldn't the nfl get access to the videotape from inside the elevator? espn reports that the tape was readily available telling mike and mike, quote, there were player players in las vegas a week or two after the incident. one player said you want to see the videotape of what happened? >> yet the ravens claim they couldn't see it. and the people in the nfl said they never saw it. new detail this is morning about the man arrested for jumping the white house fence with a knife and entering an unlocked door.
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omar gonzales is being held without bail. prosecutors say he's a danger to the president. he's facing charges of unlawfully entering a restricted building with a deadly or dangerous weapon. officials say he had 800 rounds of ammunition in a a nearby vehicle when he jumped the fence friday night. in addition, gonzales allegedly had two hatchets and a machete and we're also learning this is not his first run-in with the law. he was arrested in july for reck bless driving in virginia. he had 11 guns in his car and a map with a circle around the white house. he was stopped last month for walking by the south fence of the white house. now gonzales had had a hatchet in his waistband, but police eventually let him go. the veteran's ex-wife is now speaking out about the struggle ls he's faced after returning from iraq. >> i didn't understand, looking back now i'm thinking i wish there was something i could have done to help him.
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because he's not a bad guy i think. i want him to get treatment. he doesn't need to be punished. he didn't go to the white house to hurt obama. >> he's a standup guy. he would never hurt anybody or anything of the sort. he's losing his mind. he's suffering from post-traumatic stress. it's hard to see a man go down the drain. he sacrificed his mind, his family, everything for this country and i don't think this country pays enough attention to our soldiers. >> afghan soldiers who disappeared on saturday have been found on the canadian border. a major and two captains from the afghanistan national army arrived for training exercises at camp edwards. they were located monday at the rainbow bridge and officials tell nbc news they were trying to cross into canada potentially to seek asylum. it comes after e policemen were found in buffalo after missing
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from a drug program. business news for you this tuesday, the big headline is new action from the obama administration to prevent so-called tax inversions where companies move overseas for the sole purpose of reducing their tax bill. we are live from london with more. what's the latest, steve? >> the latest is the administration and jack lew made it uneconomical to do these deals. u.s. companies that have stockpiles of cash from overseas earnings haven't been bringing that money home. they move headquarters overseas and keep it away from tax authorities. $178 billion worth of deals since the start of 2013 including the burger king deal. so what the administration is trying to do is get that money back home and keep it home as well. elsewhere in terms of the markets, it wasn't necessarily
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down to military action in the middle east. it was more about a weak housing data, existing home sales in the united states. it was about chinese factory data. and it was about concerns that the latest move, the man in charge of the european central bank hasn't managed to galvanize the european company. so a whole variety of factors affecting the last 24 hours. >> apple seems to be riding high, breaking record sales with their iphone 6 sales. >> the first weekend sales were $10 million. that's right in the middle of units expected by analysts. some analysts now are say iing the end of the december quarter, we could see 45 million sold. don't forget they did this without china. china sales have been held up by regulator issues. we're going. to see enormous growth in the
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china market. so absolutely extraordinary. in terms of volume that total sales that represents $6 billion worth of sales. >> has there been more of a breakdown whether more people interested in the 6 or 6 plus or divided camps on that? >> i think it's divided. what is interesting on this side of the atlantic, a lot of people buy them with mobile phone contract from an operator or an at&t. so are buying the phones outright and not having a contract. and others are buying with contract as well. when buying with contract, you get the phone cheaper up front. hence they are going for the more expensive model. so many gadgets. i can't use half of what's on the hand sets. >> they made a splash with these. it use to be small and invisible. now they have got sboon the larger screens. steve, great to see you.
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a lay na kagan. marrying her former law clerk and his partner. she follows justice ginsberg in having married same-sex couples. they may decide whether same-sex marriage is legal nationwide. so the only thing missing from the next story is the sound of the mic hitting the floor. in alaska to legalize small recreational amounts of marijuana, a a tv report er who admits she's the owner of a medical marijuana club drops the f bomb live on the air while announcing her departure. >> everything you heard is why i'm the actually owner of the cannabis club and will be dedicating my energy for fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalizing marijuana. as for this job, well, not that i have a choice, but [ bleep ] it. i quit. >> all right, we apologize for
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that. we'll be right back. >> u, if that was me, i would have gone under. i would have slid directly under the table. if you won't take me off. but thank you for bleeping that. i was worried we would forget to bleep it. the station later apologized. the reporter is starting a campaign to convince alaskans to vote yes on the ballot. she posted up a video why i quit. >> adults should be allowed to choose what they drink, why? i need you in the very least to start the conversation. talk to a friend, a mother, o co-worker, brother, anyone. share your own my marijuana story. show them that we smokers are
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responsible contributing members to society, changing one heart and mind at a time is the only way to legalize marijuana and bask in lady liberty's glory. >> really interesting. as of right now, green has only discussed why she quit and not how she quit. that brings us to our twitter question. what are your thoughts? will the rorser's move help or hurt the ballot measure? tweet us your most creative answers. we'll put the best ones later in the show. some were upset how she did it. other people were it's a dichotomy because they'd love to be able to do that. still ahead on "way too early," from celebration to the sidelines, how one nfl player's victory dance may leave lasting effects. and which city takes the smarts contest? the coasts battle it out. what do you think? east or west? let's hear it. we're on the east coast.
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and setting a good example. daddy's trying. we are so ready for this. life can surprise you. so can an allstate agent. from savings on a new car, to discounts on a great car seat. the good hands are doing more than ever before. it's time for sports. we begin with the jets and bears on "monday night football." first play from scrimmage for the jets. geno smith's pass is intercepted by ryan mundy. an early bears lead. the jets take six trips to the red zone but only muster one touchdown. a chance to tie it, the pass is caught by jeremy curley, but he's out of bounds. bears win it, 27-19.
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>> big surprise. >> detroit linebacker is out for the season after tearing the acl in his left knee while celebrating a sack on sunday. look at this. he's never missed a game after being drafted. he will need surgery. that kind of stinks. let's switch gears and talk about baseball in cleveland. the royals kept some distance in the wild card race. kansas city moves within one game of the al central leading the tigers who are shut out by the white sox. adam wainright pitching over eight innings. 8-0 victory over the cubs. the league's only 20-game winners this season. the second time he's hit the mark if his career. the cards remain ahead of the
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wits in nl central. they help. in new york derek jeter in the first game of what is likely his final series at yankee stadium. his two-run shot in the fifth that ties him with the late hall of famer tony quinn on the all-time doubles list. yankees win 5-0. they did not include who they played out of respect for me. but they played the orioles. >> just keep throwing underneje those little softballs. >> they are done. >> with detroit out, we have the information now that the orioles will get home-field advantage because of the tigers' loss. >> you'll be heading to camden yard. >> anybody with tickets, call me. >> did i say that out loud?
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thomas, it's chilly this morning. >> it is chilly. >> it's chilly in the studio. fall arrived last night. bundle the kids up this morning. pittsburgh down to 41 degrees. that's like jacket weather. all of the suburbs in new england and ohio value e lee, great lakes, mid-atlantic. what a beautiful afternoon it's going to be with low humidity, plenty of sunshine, enjoy this tuesday. we have rain coming up the east coast. if you're down in the carolinas from georgia all the way to the coastline, all the way through the outer banks, rain is heading your way. eventually this will work up the coast. a slow-moving soaker for areas like virginia beach, and all of the outer banks. some of that rainfall could make it into areas like d.c. for today in florida we could see some storms. otherwise it's a quiet, beautiful day. if you're in the deep south, you waited for this all summer long. the humidity has broken and it's a beautiful air mass. thomas, it looks like we're going to continue nice weather throughout the week and we warm
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it up into next weekend. it's going to be a little bit of summer feel. >> all right, a little bit. but the fall weather, i love it. >> you had nothing to do with it. it's fine dumping yourself in ice water before you play. >> don't make we call alaska on you. at the top of the hour on "morning joe," more on the breaking news of u.s. airstrikes and the fight against isis. we are going to huddle around the water cooler and let you know which reality tv couple is calling it quits. get a shot of jen because we know she knows and it is not -- it is not mama june and sugar bear. how do you not know? >> i don't know. >> breaking news, jen does not know who is calling it quits. but i do. mike knows. you'll know after this. my mornings are definitely not routine.
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earlier in the show we told you the obama administration announced new rules to make it more difficult for companies lower tax bills by moving overseas. if you want to sound smart, say these inversions will cost the government $20 billion. let's huddle around the water cooler and check in with
2:53 am
lewis. this is the must-see video and also a lesson for all sports moms. do not put reenforced steel in your banners. >> you have seen teams run through break-away banners. that wasn't the case for the mighty football players. instead of using paper, they tried to run through a vinyl banner, which was too much for those 6 and 7-year-olds. >> the moms continue to clothe line the whole team. come on, boys, welcome to my web of steel-enforced banner. >> at least they have a memory and video to go back. >> the mom on the left was not letting go. come on, boys, you can do it. >> thomas, you have lived in both l.a. and new york. jim kimmel asked who was smarter? >> people froml.a.? >> i'd say new york for sure.
2:54 am
>> how do people from l.a. talk? >> like, gag me with a spoon. down in the valley. like that. >> who is smarter people from new york or l.a.? >> l.a. >> what does iq stand for? >> intellectual questions. >> intelligent questions. >> what does s.a.t. stand for? >> standardtized assessment test? >> i have no idea. >> have you ever taken them? >> no. >> a farmer has 17 sheep. all but 9 of them are eaten by wolves. how many sheep does he have left? >> is think in way that l.a. is better than new york? >> it's closer to the ocean. >> especially this time of year. >> they both lose. lastly this is for janet.
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it's official this it morning. kris jenner files for divorce. >> she swears this it happened a long time ago. >> the separation did. >> this is old news. he already moved out. he has another home in malibu. >> you have the inside scoop. you should be reporting this story. >> jen was like, thomas, this is old news. this is three months old. no, they officially declared their divorce. >> the so-called mom filed on monday. the jenners are parents to kend l. they have four children from previous marriages. tmz says the divorce is amicable. that's nice to hear. raemt tv can be tough. >> and they are asking for
2:56 am
publicity during this very difficult time. thank you. we appreciate it. want to get your responses. our twitter question has to do with what we asked and showed you the reporter who dropped the f bomb live on the air while pushing for recreational pot. we have some of the best responses. >> good morning. our twitter followers are not impressed. she was unprofessional, but you can't blame her for the free publicity. she's now the internet topic for two to three days. and shane says, she was demonstrating how to be a pot head with no desire to work professionally ever. >> there's a real dichotomy because people like her gumption but don't like her tactics, but she will be talked about. next on "way too early," a look at the stories you'll be talking about. "morning joe" just moments away. what would happen... if energy could come from anything? or if power could go anywhere?
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who knows that the fewest cancellations and the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there, too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline. let's get a check of the day ahead. president obama heads to new york to deliver remarks at the u.n. climate change summit. he's also set to speak at the clinton global initiative, which is holding its annual meeting in new york city this week. new jersey governor chris
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christie travels to illinois to attend events for the governors association and for the state's republican nominee for governor. that's it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. welcome to "morning joe." it's the top of the hour, tuesday, september 23rd. look who we have with us. >> miss superstar. aren't you something? >> co-host of "the view." >> this is huge. >> so awesome. >> we read in page six. >> where is it? >> has she compared you to donald trump yet? >> you are the


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